Welcome to my homepage!

This site doesn't really have any clear purpose, just my personal space on the net.

Thx for visiting! leave a comment in the guestbook if you'd like!


[Sep/11/23] - new layout for the ffxiv page

[Sep/1/23] - made a site button, it's nothing special but it's there if you want to link to my site! Just make sure to download it and don't hotlink!

[Aug/29/23] - Added Pokemon page!

[Aug/16/23] - Been working on an about page inspired by the menus in the megaman starforce games.. it's still a work in progress but the layout is mostly done! Now to actually write in it.............

[Aug/11/23] - Added guestbook. Thanks to for the code!

[Aug/03/23] - made a few small changes to the homepage and changed the url

[Apr/20/23] - made a layout based off Xenoblade Chronicles 3's menu. might use it for a xenoblade subpage or something at some point

[Apr/18/23] - added some more glamour and housing pics to the FFXIV page

[Apr/07/23] - added FFXIV page

[Apr/01/23] - front page is up.

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